Q. I don't own a 4x4 could I still become a member?

A. Yes, there are a range of roles needed to support the Group.We need members to support administrative, publicity, fund raising and training functions. We also train members to act as controllers, allocating tasks to responders based on their experience and capability, who may not also be responders. So you do not need to be a 4x4 owner to help the wider community.

Q. What is expected from me?

A. Time and good will! As we are all volunteers any time you can spare is the most important thing you can give. Once you have joined, all we ask is that you attend a minimum of 4 monthly meetings per year and also some of the training days & events that we hold throughout the year.

Q. As I run a 4x4 and with the current costs of fuel why should I pay out of my own pocket?

A. As a volunteer, HMRC will allow Peak 4x4 Response to reimburse a mileage fee as determined by them. After a callout you will present a mileage sheet and will be reimbursed at the specified rate. This is not classed as an income and therefore should not affect any income you currently receive.

Q. I am not always available to attend a callout as I work away or work shifts, could I still join?

A. Yes. There is no expectation that you will respond to a minimum number of callouts. If there is a callout, you decide if you are available to attend or not.


Q. My Vehicle Insurance says not for hire or reward, does this mean I cannot volunteer for Peak 4x4 Response?

A. A lot of insurance providers allow you to obtain cover for "volunteer driving". There should be no change to the cost of your insurance but we recommend that you notify your provider to ensure you are covered. A full list of the companies that have agreed to provide a volunteer driver agreement can be obtained by emailing the Group Secretary