Welcome to Peak 4x4 Response

Peak 4x4 Response is an independant 4x4 Response Group serving the communities of Derbyshire & North Staffordshire


Peak 4x4 Response provides 4x4 vehicles with experienced 4x4 drivers willing to do their best to help the community in times of need.

We offer assistance as required by our user services, principally category 1 & 2 responders, such as Police, Ambulance, Doctors and Local Authorities. This is often in extraordinary circumstances or extremes of weather, such as heavy snow or flooding. We hold Public Liability Insurance to cover our members for the activities undertaken by the Group.

Membership of Peak 4x4 Response is open to anyone wanting to volunteer their time to help. You do not need to be an expert off-road driver, or even own a 4x4. Our Responders are trained to high standards in driving safely in adverse conditions, have access to first aid training (if required) and vehicle recovery training in order for them to operate safely and professionally when their services are required.

In order to operate we rely heavily on our valuable network of fundraisers, supporters, events co-ordinators and other volunteers, as well as our core 4x4 owner-responders.